Sunday Times review + new live shots

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Our album was reviewed by Clive Davis in yesterday’s Sunday Times. Thanks Clive!

“Jump to the last track, The Sheik of Araby, and you’ll see that they can let their hair down. The flamenco-inspired TG Collective won plaudits as Trio Gitano. Their updated, expanded line-up, with the acoustic guitars of Jamie Fekete and Sam Slater balanced by flute, violin, double bass and discreet percussion, sounds more assured than ever. From gypsy swing to hustling, Chick Corea-ish improv, a re-working of Horace Silver’s Song For My Father and serene excursions into the baroque, the playlist always keeps you guessing. And the telepathy is always tuneful.”

All of the reviews for Release The Penguins are over at the imaginatively entitled Reviews page. And you can find all the links to buy and download in our Emporium!

Meanwhile, a lovely gig back in sunny Birmingham on Friday evening, at mac Birmingham. Big thanks to everyone who came along, and to the extra splendid Lluis Mather, who guested with us on clarinet. Photographer Garry Corbett wrote some very kind words and took some great shots of the evening …

  • By: Sam
  • 03.12.2012