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Mostly Jazz FestivalA couple of very nice people have written equally nice things about our trio performance at the first Mostly Jazz Festival last weekend …

Fiona Handscomb, for the Birmingham Post

Day Two in the Mostly Jazz house(/park). If Day One was all about the jazz-funk and the blistering drummers, Day Two was all about the jazz-jazz and prodigious guitarists.

Starting with Birmingham’s own TG Collective Trio: an insanely talented 3-piece who seem to have double the sound than there are members.  All the strumming and picking and rhythms of gypsy, contemporary, flamenco jazz with a beautiful Bach arrangement thrown in for good measure.

And Ian Mann, of

For today’s performance Fekete and Slater returned to a trio format augmenting their guitars with the double bass, trumpet and cajon of Collective member Percy Pursglove, co- founder of the Harmonic Festival.

The trio produced an eclectic programme that ranged widely and drew on many of their collective influences. Thus Django’s “Minor Swing” and “Minor Blues” bookended J.S. Bach, Pursglove switched between trumpet and bass for Horace Silver’s “Song For My Father” before moving on to cajon as the group expressed their flamenco leanings.

This was an enjoyable set, full of outstanding individual musicianship. A switch to the main stage with the full complement of the Collective should be in order for next year.

(Photo by snapper-supreme Pete Ashton)

  • By: Sam
  • 12.07.2010